HTC Titan to come with “Tango video chat app”

In a chart comparing devices at the reporter casually mentions that the HTC Titan will be coming with the “Tango video chat app“. Microsoft has so far played its cards close to its chest regarding how the front facing cameras in the new Windows Phone 7.5 handsets will be used, noting even in a blog post today that:

We’ll have more announcements on some of the specific apps that will take advantage of this capability a little later on.

Tango is the next version of Windows Phone, and which raises the question if the handsets will ship without video calling enabled initially, to be added in a software update, or if the Tango bits will be backported to Mango to enabled devices with cameras to work out of the box.

Microsoft has also recently explicitly said we should expect deep Skype integration in Windows Phone, and ideally whatever solution we have will be coherent and not consist of a variety of disparate apps.

Update:  Scratch that conspiracy theory – Tango is in fact a cross-platform video calling service, which presumably will now also support Windows Phone 7.