HTC releases official hotfix for the Pink Splodge Camera problem

by Surur
December 10, 2009

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HTC_HD2_Camera_Hotfix_20091210125417The pink cast in HTC HD2 photos are now pretty well documented, but HTC has been unusually fast in acknowledging it, and has now released an official hotfix to address the problem.

HTC says:

This update for HTC HD2 delivers clear digital picture quality like never before. Living up to the name of “HD” this phone and its twin LED flash will take beautiful pictures for you to cherish your memories. Displayed in brilliant vibrant colors on its 4.3 inch screen, HTC HD2 camera will delight you.

The update is only applicable to ROM version is equal to 1.60.XXX.X, or lower.

Download the update from HTC here or use our Microsoft Tag ( The .exe file is meant to be run from the device.

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