HTC PD29100 has two cameras, heading to T-Mobile USA



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HTC PD29100 at the FCC

what a Windows Phone 7 HTC Evo may look likeI don’t know how we let this one slip past us, but a few days ago the FCC approved the HTC PD29110.  The handset, which is clearly heading to T-Mobile USA(or maybe also Wind Mobile in Canada), based on support of the AWS 1700 frequency band,  has one other outstanding feature notable on the filing – it has two cameras, presumably one front facing and one rear-facing.

HTC’s only recent device for USA with a front-facing camera is the HTC Evo. Hopefully the handset winding its way to T-Mobile customers will be of similar high profile.

See the FCC filing here.

Thanks Davide for the reminder.

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