HTC Omega is HTC Radar, HTC Eternity is HTC Titan



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Tezawaly from has dug up some UAProfs files from HTC’s website which rather conclusively show that the final names of the HTC Omega will be the HTC Radar, and that of the HTC Eternity would be the HTC Titan.

The UAProfs entries plus leaked codenames from the WP Bench app show the HTC Radar C110e is HTC Omega and HTC TITAN X310e is HTC Eternity.  Long time Windows Mobile users will remember the HTC Titan as a small screened slider, but of course the HTC Eternity, which is expected to sport a 4.5 inch screen, is the furthest possible from that design.

With the HTC Radar having a front-facing camera I think we can now safely assume the HTC Titan will come with that feature also, with the leaked specs saying it sported a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera.

Read more at here.

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