HTC Kaiser Direct3D drivers updated – now supports full screen mode

The busy bees over at HTCClassaction have not been sitting idle these last few days. After their initial release of their home-grown hardware accelerated driver, they have been hard at work making the driver work in more HTC Kaiser ROM’s, and have now also enabled a hacked version of fullscreen mode (basically a windowed mode than covers the whole screen) which should allow full-screen 3D software like games to work.

The development of the drivers have also been an added spurt to the efforts to get TouchFlo3D to work on the Kaiser. Previously the interface ran much too slowly (around 1-2 frames per second) but with real 3D drivers performance is much snappier, at only 20% less than the Diamond, likely primary due to the slower processor on the Kaiser.

Read more about the latest developments at HTCClassaction here.