HP’s Mobile Retail and Scanning Solutions for the Elite x3 are now available from $329

HP’s Elite x3 is more than a phone (which can turn into a pseudo-PC). The firm has ben planning on outfitting these devices with tools to turn them into true business solutions since they were announced, and the first sets of solutions are now here.

Aimed at retailers and similar, HP’s Elite x3 Mobile Scanning Solution (starting at $329) and the HP Elite x3 Mobile Retail Solution (starting at $999) are a set of accessory packages – which when paired with the Elite x3, enable the device to be more useful on the field.

The cheaper Mobile Scanning solution uses the Elite X3’s Pogo Pins to integrate a barcode scanner into the device via a detachable jacket accessory. Its main goal is to allow retailers to quickly scan barcodes and check prices and inventory while on the go using one device that can also – if necessary – transition itself into a desktop-like experience.

HP bills the barcode scanner as being able to scan up to 60 frames per second, reportedly making it ideal for scanning moving objects like say – on a conveyor belt – or when in motion.

The Mobile Retail Experience offers much of the same but for a higher price, however, the price difference comes from the fact that HP will be bundling an Elite x3 along with the Barcode Scanner accessory.

Both are available now, and you can learn more about them from HP’s site here (for the Scanning Solution) and here (for the full Mobile Retail Solution).

HP’s Elite x3 may not have much success as a conventional smartphone – or even at all – but as a specialized utility which is aimed at helping businesses it has an opportunity to shine. It may not be glamorous, but as they say “its a living”