HP Elite x3’s Double Tap To Work feature might work very differently

September 1, 2016


Double Tap To Wake is a popular feature on Windows Phone devices. HP has also included this feature on the HP Elite x3, which is set to be released next month. We were able to get our hands-on the Elite x3 a bit early thanks to the lovely people at Clove, and we have been using the device for a little while now. Today, we discovered a pretty weird feature on the Elite x3 — and that’s Double Tap To Wake. HP’s version of Double Tap To Wake is quite weird since it doesn’t wake the device up when you double tap on the device’s display — this is how the feature works on Lumia devices, as well as some Android devices. Instead, it wakes the device up when you double tap the back of the Elite x3 (just below the fingerprint scanner). HP seems to be using the Elite x3’s accelerometer to enable this feature. As a result, when you leave the device on a desk, punching near the device twice will also wake it up. Additionally,  double tapping will also lock the device.

Here’s the feature in action:

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This version of Double Tap To Wake can be quite useful since it would work with any gloves and it may also use a lot less battery as it won’t be using the capacitive screen. But of course, this version of Double Tap To Wake makes it very easy to wake the device up which means you might be able to wake it up when you are on a bumpy car or similar conditions. It’s worth noting that HP does allow you to control the sensitivity of this feature, which can be very useful if you don’t want to wake your device up by mistake.

Now, keep in mind that we are not entirely sure if it’s a feature or a bug. However, when we disabled the Double Tap To Wake feature, this wasn’t working anymore which could suggest that this is indeed a feature and not just a bug. If it turns out to be a feature, this is quite an interesting implementation for Double Tap To Wake, to say the least.

What do you think of Double Tap To Wake in the Elite x3? Let us know in the comment section below.

If you want to get an Elite x3, you can get it from Clove here, Microsoft Store (US) here, and Microsoft Store (UK) here.

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