How to use kaomoji in the Windows 10 keyboard

Emoji have quickly become a new standard for communication, popularised by mobile devices, now PCs offer support for the latest and greatest emojis. But what about the noble kaomoji? Not quite an emoji, yet almost as expressive. Microsoft has added support for that into Windows 10 as well with its May 2019 release by integrating it into its emoji picker. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen it yet, its a tad hidden.

So before you (?°?°??? ??? at the lack of visible Kaomoji in your Windows, here’s how to find and use them in Windows 10.

How to find Kaomoji on Windows 10

  1. In any text entry field, press either Windows + . or Windows + ; emoji picker shortcuts to open the emoji menu.
  2. In the emoji menu, look for the Kaomoji tab. It’s next to the emoji tab and looks like 😉
  3. Scroll to the categories to find the Kaomoji you’d like to use. Select it, and et voila. It’s yours.