How To Sell AI Art - All You Need To Know

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How to sell AI art

Wondering how to sell AI art? Usually, the creative process is pretty straightforward if you’re skilled in prompting. However, if you’re looking to monetize your AI-generated art, you’ll need to understand specific things first.

I’ve put together this article to explain how to turn your creative passion into a potential business. Keep reading to learn.

Yes, selling AI art is legal as long as the generated artwork doesn’t incorporate someone else’s intellectual property. You can prompt an AI image generator to create something based on your specifications. If the resulting art is distinctive, you can choose to sell it.

However, if certain portions of the dataset used to train the AI art generator are unlicensed, selling such art would be illegal.

Still, most AI art generators use licensed datasets, minimizing the likelihood of legal complications.

Do You Own the Copyrights to Your AI Art?

When it comes to AI-generated art, no one owns the copyright. This is because copyright can only take effect when there’s a real owner.

Additionally, some platforms like Deep AI, explicitly state in their ToS that content produced with their tools is devoid of copyright restrictions.

Where Can You Sell AI Art?

Here are the top 5 platforms you can consider:

1. Etsy


Etsy is a digital marketplace that allows the listing of various items. Art and digital prints are mostly marketed on the platform. You can leverage its extensive user base to market and sell AI art. 

However, Etsy imposes a listing fee of $0.02 per item every four months until the item is sold. Additionally, the platform applies a transaction fee of 6.5% on each item sold. Also, there’s a 3% processing fee.

2. DeviantArt


DeviantArt is an online community where artists can showcase and market their creations. If you’ve crafted distinctive AI art, you can sell your creations on the platform. With its user community, you have the potential to attract buyers.

DeviantArt’s notable advantage is its exclusive focus on images. Similar to Etsy, DeviantArt imposes a fee for utilizing the platform to showcase your AI art. However, it varies based on your DeviantArt membership.

3. Artstation


Artstation is another platform you could use to sell AI art. It stands out as a top-notch marketplace for various digital creations, including art, prints, and other products. 

Listing your AI-generated art on ArtStation is free. However, ArtStation charges 5% on any sales made through the platform.

4. Redbubble

If you’re looking for an online platform to display and sell AI art, Redbubble is an excellent choice. It’s a marketplace for digital art creatives. The platform enables independent artists to offer their works as digital prints or on various products such as clothing, phone cases, and more.

So, you can sell your AI art prints together with merchandise. Redbubble, however, takes a 9% fee on all sales.

5. Society6


Society6, similar to Redbubble, provides a platform for independent artists to sell their art. This includes AI-generated pieces in various formats like digital prints, framed wall art, and apparel. 

Keep in mind that Society6 charges a 10% commission on all sales, so factor that into your decision.

How To Sell AI Art

1. Sell the File Directly to Buyers

The most straightforward approach is to sell the digital file on platforms like Etsy and DeviantArt. Your target audience will include individuals interested in using the artwork as wallpaper or for framing on their walls for a fee.

You can consider offering some of your AI art with a free license while making others available for purchase.

2. Sell AI Art as Merch

Now, this is what a lot of artist use to get their artworks out and create a brand for themselves. Instead of selling the AI art directly as a file, you can have it printed on physical products like wears, cups, and bags. However, the AI art must be appealing and go well with physical products. 

While this model comes with a higher upfront cost, it holds the potential for better profit if you can attract buyers.

3. Licensing Your AI Art to Businesses

You could also connect with businesses that could use your AI art on a large scale. In this case, you might receive a commission for each product. Alternatively, you could offer a comprehensive license to the business at a predetermined cost.

4. Sell as NFT  

By crafting unique and original AI art pieces, you can list them on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea. However, achieving success in this business venture necessitates a thorough understanding of how NFTs operate.

5. Sell the Prompt

Creating attractive AI art requires being good at prompting. This skill can also be monetized by selling the prompts you use.

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So, now you know how to sell AI art! Platforms such as Etsy, DeviantArt, and OpenSea make this possible. Yet, success often hinges on your ability to cultivate an audience’s interest and attract buyers.

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