The PlayStation Classic is out and, well, it’s not great. However, much like the NES and SNES classics before it, users are already figuring out how to tinker with the system’s settings.

A YouTuber by the name of RETRO GAMING ARTS and his friend Matt plugged a USB keyboard into the system and pressed escape. Purely unintentionally, this accessed the console’s emulator settings.

Once accessed, the system will allow you to use scanline filters, show the framerate, utilize frameskip settings, change the weirdly included PAL games to NTSC versions and access cheats. There is also an option to load CD images from a USB, but no one has found a stick that works yet. We’ll keep you updated.

Not all keyboards appear to work with the PlayStation Classic, but Logitech and Corsair keyboards do work for some. It’s a finicky system, but one that could become useful in the future.