Horizon: Zero Dawn PC listed by Amazon


26, 2020

Update: Amazon France has created a listing for Horizon: Zero Dawn PC, the long-rumoured port out Guerrilla Games’ PlayStation 4 exclusive.

While the listing doesn’t supply any details for the port outside of its platform – Windows, of course, – the listing is just another smidge of evidence towards the eventual release of Horizon Zero Dawn PC.

Original Story:
After two years of PlayStation exclusivity, first-party PlayStation developers Guerrilla Games are reportedly bringing their PS4 open-world adventure Horizon: Zero Dawn to PC.

Reported by the very accurate Jason Schreier at Kotaku US, the rumoured Horizon: Zero Dawn PC port has no reported release window.

According to Schreier, the rumoured port is part of a new focus-shift by Sony to expand their brand outside of a limited ecosystem. Schreier describes the business move as “an unprecedented move for Sony that signals a future in which the publisher releases games on platforms beyond its own consoles.”

Allegedly, the title is expected to launch on both the Epic Games Store and Steam. However, finalized details have not been decided.

Sony’s relationship with PC gaming is limited. While their titles are available to play through the video game streaming service PlayStation Now, Sony has been wary to publish games for gamers on PC, unlike this generation’s Xbox.

While Sony-funded titles like Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding and Capcom’s Street Fighter V have launched on PC, first-party Sony exclusives have remained entirely limited to console hardware. Will we eventually see games like Uncharted 4 on PC? What about From Software’s Bloodborne?

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