Hitman 3 PC will be an Epic Games Store exclusive



Calm down: Hitman 3 PC will be available exclusively through the Epic Games Store when it launches next year. 

Developer IO Interactive broke the news of Hitman 3 PC’s version being exclusive to the Epic Games Store last night citing that this was an important move as the company’s first self published title in the series.

“Self-publishing Hitman 3 is a big step for IO Interactive in achieving our highly ambitious goals as an independent studio,” said IO CEO Hakan Abrak in a press release.

“Furthermore, this partnership with Epic has given us the freedom to create the game exactly as we imagined, for our fans and for our community uncompromised.”

With Hitman 3 allowing players to bring over the levels found in Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2, IO Interactive will be allowing players to bring over their past progress into the game’s Epic Store release.

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To start this process, the original Hitman reboot is available on the Epic Games Store for free from August 27 to September 3. Check a look.

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