Heygen AI Pricing - Overpriced or Worth It?

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heygen ai pricing

Are you curious about HeyGen AI‘s pricing?

In this guide, I’ll give you an overview of HeyGen AI’s four plans and how much they cost.

I’ll also walk you through its key features to help you find out if the tool is worth it. If you don’t find it to be a fit, I’ve also laid down a few great alternatives.

Ready? Let’s roll in.

HeyGen AI Pricing

HeyGen AI Pricing

HeyGen AI offers four plans to suit different purposes. Here’s an overview of each of these plans:


HeyGen AI offers a free plan that gives you 1 free credit, 1 seat, 120+ public avatars, and 300+ voices.


The Creator plan starts at $24/mo (annual) or $29/mo (monthly). It includes everything you get with the free plan and 15 monthly credits, fast video processing, 3 instant avatars, premium voices, and auto-captions.


The Business Plan is priced at $89/mo (monthly) or $72/mo (annual). It offers 30 monthly credits, 3 seats, 4k resolution, a brand kit, and team collaboration, along with the Creator Plan features.


HeyGen AI’s Enterprise plan offers tailored solutions for large organizations. It packs all Business Plan features, along with increased usage (up to unlimited videos), custom seats, Studio Avatar as a paid add-on, and the fastest video processing possible.

Note: The Creator and Business plan lets you scale up monthly credits to suit your needs and the plan price changes accordingly.

Apart from that, HeyGen AI also offers extensions that you can use to class up its functionality. Its Finetune Avatar add-on costs $49/mo and the Studio Avatar add-on is priced at $1,000/yr.

HeyGen AI Features

Now, let me shed more light on what you’re actually paying for:

AI Video Creation

HeyGen’s AI Video Creation feature lets you make cool videos without fancy gear. It has easy-to-use tools and templates. You can make videos from text, audio, or pictures.

With just a click, you can clone voices or turn audio into videos. HeyGen’s AI tech makes custom avatars and videos from your content. It’s simple to pick templates or make your own.

Moreover, you can drag and drop graphics, text, and audio to jazz up your videos. To access this feature, view HeyGen AI’s main interface and click “Create Video” in the top right corner.

Create Video

Here, you can select your avatar and/or add media like text, audio, or photos to make high-quality AI-backed videos. Additionally, HeyGen AI lets you choose between Landscape and Portrait orientations for video creation.

AI Voice Cloning

The Voice Cloning feature is another great tool that lets you make a copy of your voice for your avatar. You record your voice and upload it. Then, HeyGen makes clones it it.

You can make your voice sound faster or higher/lower if you want. On top of that, HeyGen supports lots of languages. You can even make voices for different characters. It works with Resemble AI, so you can make voices in over 100 languages.

Another great thing about this feature is the clear audio output with no background noise. This ensures you can easily use the voice for professional purposes.

Apart from that, you can also integrate the AI-generated voice with a Public or customized avatar (as long as that feature is supported in your payment tier).

To use HeyGen’s voice cloning feature, select the “Voice” menu on the side and click “Clone Voice.”

AI Voice

In the next step, you’ll be required to select “Record Consent” and record your consent by reading a simple legal paragraph aloud.

After that, click “Record Voice” and read the given paragraph to give the AI enough of a sample to use in its text-to-speech tool effectively.

AI Avatars

AI Avatars

With HeyGen AI, you also get AI Avatars, which lets you select from a wide range of avatars that talk by typing text. There are over 100 avatars to choose from, based on real people, with different looks and clothes. You can pick your favorite and customize it.

The best part is that the avatars keep getting better over time, with more detailed looks and lifelike animations.

That said, HeyGen’s AI makes the avatars move their lips in sync with your text. It’s fun for making educational videos or creating a mascot for your business. Just type, and watch your avatar come to life!

Custom Avatars

HeyGen AI also offers a custom avatar feature that lets you make digital versions of people from real photos. These avatars are created using real footage and HeyGen’s smart algorithms. You can make your avatar for videos, and it’s super fast, taking just 5 minutes.

After making an avatar, you can make it talk using your own voice with audio recordings. The voice cloning feature helps speed up the process.

To use this feature, you need a HeyGen Creator, Business, or Enterprise subscription. Remember, it’s not okay to make avatars of celebrities or anyone else without their permission, and HeyGen won’t accept such a photo.

That said, here’s how it works: You submit a photo, then wait for approval. Once approved, you get a payment link, and your avatar is ready in 5-7 days. There’s also an Instant Avatar feature for even better quality and faster turnaround.



HeyGen AI provides over 300 customizable templates for different purposes like marketing, healthcare, sales, and social media. These can save you time and money, as they let you create professional videos in minutes without technical skills or expensive gear.

That said, you can either pick from ready-made templates or create your own for a unique look. These templates organize text, images, music, and your AI avatar, giving you a head start on your video projects. You can also choose between landscape and portrait orientation for your videos.

Moreover, HeyGen’s AI video generator includes a writing assistant to speed up video creation. This feature helps both businesses and individuals make high-quality videos quickly and easily.

Zapier Integration

HeyGen AI’s Zapier integration links HeyGen to over 5,000 other apps. This automates HeyGen tasks and creates a smooth flow across all your digital tools.

With this integration, you can make avatar videos, templates, and talking photos with just a few clicks. It speeds up your creative work and boosts productivity. The best part? You don’t need to know how to code to use it.

That said, this Zapier integration is free for basic features and offers a 14-day trial for premium ones. It’s a handy tool for automating tasks and lets you focus on the important parts of your work. Whether you’re a business owner or a creative individual, HeyGen’s Zapier integration makes you much more productive.

ScriptGen AI

HeyGen AI’s ScriptGen AI is a powerful tool that lets you write and edit scripts in no time. ScriptGen AI is powered by ChatGPT and with just one click, it tweaks your scripts to fit specific needs, like making them shorter, longer, more professional, or more interesting.

This integration combines ChatGPT’s script editing tech with HeyGen’s services to give you better scripts. You just input your script, activate the AI editor, make your changes, and let ChatGPT optimize it in seconds.

ScriptGen AI is a big time-saver for scriptwriters, filmmakers, and content creators, helping them make higher-quality work without a hassle.

To use this feature, go to HeyGen AI’s dashboard and click “Start from AI script generation.”

Next, choose between Topic and URL input and enter the script topic or URL accordingly.

This feature also lets you choose the script language and tone, and you can enter any additional information regarding the script. When you’re ready, click “Generate Script” and the script will be ready for your review in a few seconds.

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HeyGen AI Alternatives

Now, if this isn’t enough for your needs, here are some great HeyGen AI alternatives:

Deepbrain AI

Deepbrain AI is a popular HeyGen AI alternative that also offers AI-powered video synthesis solutions. Their cloud-based platform lets you swiftly create realistic avatars and videos, including content powered by ChatGPT.

With over 100 avatars based on real people speaking 80+ languages, the platform covers various ethnicities and ages. The platform serves different industries like finance, healthcare, media, and retail. You can also use it to produce engaging video content for training, marketing, and education.

Regarding pricing, Deepbrain AI starts from $24/mo with an annual subscription. Its starting plan offers 10 minutes/mo and supports 10 minutes/video. The Pro plan costs $180/mo and comes with 90 minutes/month along with support for up to 20 minutes/video.

DeepBrain AI pricing

Though Deepbrain AI doesn’t offer a free plan like HeyGen AI, its premium plans are more cost-effective in the long run.

Read our detailed DeepBrain AI review here.

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Rephrase.AI is a video creation tool like HeyGen AI. It uses AI to turn text into videos and offers text-to-speech and AI editing. You can make videos easily by typing or choosing from templates. It has cool features like customizable avatars and lip-syncing, plus it supports many languages.

It’s great for businesses, teachers, and creators who want to make videos without much effort. Users like it because it’s easy to use and makes good-quality videos.

But, you can’t customize the AI model exactly how you want, and some people might notice the videos are AI-made. You can try it for free, though it’s starting paid plan, called Personal, costs $25/mo.

Rephrase.AI pricing

To access advanced features like API access and commercial use, you’ll need the Enterprise plan. Its pricing is not disclosed, so you must contact the team at Rephrase.AI and discuss your needs to get a quote for it.

Compared to HeyGen AI, Rephrase.AI offers simpler pricing with no requirement for long-term commitment for discounts.

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Colossyan is yet another video creation platform powered by AI. It turns text into professional-quality videos quickly and you can create, edit, and share videos easily.

Like HeyGen AI, Colossyan supports many languages and accents, and you can customize your videos as you like. Its user-friendly interface and features like the AI Script Assistant make it simple to use. Plus, it delivers high-resolution videos for quality output.

Starting from $19/mo with the yearly subscription, Colossyan is cheaper than HeyGen. The Pro plan starts from $61/mo and offers many advanced features like an icon library, AI image generation, and multiple export options.

Colossyan pricing

If you find yourself looking for a more affordable yet versatile alternative to HeyGen AI, do look into Colossyan – it offers a decent price value.

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HeyGen AI Pricing – Verdict

HeyGen AI is one of the most versatile AI video creation tools out there, thanks to its support for script writing, custom avatars, and built-in templates. The best part is it offers a free plan so you can try it out worry-free.

However, starting from $24/mo with an annual subscription, its paid plans are a bit expensive. But for features like a wide range of AI avatars, templates, and voices, it’s worth what it costs!

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