64-bit version of the OneDrive sync client available for Windows 10 Insiders


8, 2021

Microsoft has released a new 64-bit Preview version of the OneDrive client for Windows 10 Insiders.

The update will be rolled out silently, and all going well, Microsoft then plans to roll out the updated client over the course of April to everyone else.

The 64bit client is identical to the 32bit one, but is expected to offer better performance for larger file sizes,  if you have a lot of files, and if you have a computer that’s running a 64-bit version of Windows.

The 64bit OneDrive client is only for users using 64bit x86 Windows, with an ARM64 bit version not available yet.

If you are not an Insider you can still download the updated Preview client directly here.

via onMSFT

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