Here’s How You Can Keep Wordle the Way It Is

February 4, 2022
saving Wordle webpage
How to keep Wordle free and unchanged?

Finding a game that can entertain your mind for long periods is a true gem. And while some prefer some actions in their games, some simply want that can challenge their mind. Wordle is one of them. Yet, players enjoying the current version of Wordle express their fears about its possibility of turning into a paid game. Thankfully, there is a way to preserve it.

After it was announced that the New York Times bought the game from its game creator Josh Wardle, players of the famous game already knew that enjoying the game for free would be impossible in the future. NYT already gave some hints proving its future plan to make a profit out of it, and given that it paid “low seven figures” to acquire the game, that is for sure. But if you are a huge fanatic of the said game and love playing it on your browser, there is a quick and straightforward way you can do to keep it free and unchanged.

Just by visiting Wordle’s website and right-clicking on your browser, you will have the option to save the original version of the Wordle. When you do it, you will see a drop-down menu where you’ll have the “Save as…” option. Click it, and the webpage will be saved as an HTML file on the computer location of your choice. Once it is saved, you can simply click on the HTML file to access the version of the game you saved and play it online and offline.

On the other hand, if you are still unaware of the Wordle craze, it is a web-based word game that lets you guess a five-letter word in six attempts. The limited number of tries you can do makes the word both challenging and exciting at the same time. And to provide feedback on whether you are getting close to guessing the hidden word or not, there are colored tiles to aid you. The green tiles mean the letter is in the correct position, yellow means the letter is right but in the wrong place, and gray indicates the word isn’t included in the word.

With all that, we say start immersing yourself in this incredible game. And if you think you love it, you better save it now while it’s still free!

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