Microsoft rolled out the new Windows 10 Start Menu to Windows 1o Insiders in the Dev channel last week, but unfortunately for many the feature was part of an A/B test, meaning many people were stuck with the old look.

Fortunately for the more enterprising hackers on Windows 10 Build 20161 there is a way to activate selectively enabled features, using the following simple steps and a tool created by Albacore and Raphael Rivera.

To activate the new start menu, proceed as follows:

  • Download the ViveTool here and extract it into a folder of your choice.
  • Now starts the command line as an administrator.
  • Now enter the path in which you unpacked the tool. This looks like this: CD C: \Users\User\Downloads\ViveTool-v0.2.0
  • Now you have to enter the following command: ViVeTool.exe addconfig 23615618 2
  • Now restart your PC.

The new start menu should now be activated.

via WindowsUnited