HERE Drive, HERE Drive+ And HERE Transit Apps Updated For Windows Phones

HERE Drive Update

Nokia today announced updated versions of HERE location apps for Windows Phone devices. These updates will be available later this week for consumers around the world.

HERE Drive:

HERE Drive now includes an overview of traffic conditions in and around your area, plus My Commute, which shows you at a glance the estimated travel time among the roads you drive daily, letting you know if you need to head out early or have extra time before you leave.

My Commute informs you of the best route and the expected arrival time at a glance on the Live Tile. When you’re driving, My Commute continues to monitor your route and notifies you of any unexpected delays that might lie ahead and suggest alternative routes. You can even customize My Commute by setting up multiple commutes.  My Commute is currently available in 26 countries.

HERE Transit:

HERE Transit Update

HERE Transit has got a new revamped UI which is more intuitive.

The user interface and user experience are inextricably linked. This is why we have significantly redesigned the user experience of HERE Transit by taking advantage of the Windows Phone interface. We recognize, in fact, how important software design is: people expect well-designed products, which are both aesthetically appealing and extremely intuitive. We therefore observe how our testers behave with our products and we understand when some features are either not found or not used and we go back to the design board with what we’ve learned. We only stop when we are satisfied by the results.

Source: Nokia