Hello Neighbor 2 shows off AI in new trailer

June 12, 2021
Hello Neighbor 2

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During the Guerrilla Collective, Tiny Build has shown off a little more of Hello Neighbor 2, which hopes to improve on the successful, if a little janky, first outing with some intelligent AI. 

Using a neural network and plenty of algorithms, the titular neighbor, Mr Peterson, will evolve over time to learn from how the community plays. This should make every run difficult and challenging in a new way, as you can’t just follow the same path over and over. 

The trailer showed a hopefully dramatised version of events, taking only 100 generations for the neighbor to become nigh on unstoppable. With a whole community playing, hopefully, it’ll take a bit more time for him to evolve into an unbeatable state where he has an answer to every action.

If it’s not too overpowered, this complex AI will hopefully be just the right amount of fiendishly difficult to play against as he counters some of your investigative plans. While the main game is a while away yet, you can play the Alpha’s on Steam already if you want a taste of the action.  

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With more characters in this sequel than just the neighbor Mr Peterson in the world for you to meet and learn about, Hello Neighbor 2 should have plenty of improvements over its predecessor to set itself apart and be worth playing when it launches on PC, Xbox, and on Game Pass day one later this year. 

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