Hands-on with the Xbox One S

August 2, 2016

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Microsoft released the Xbox One S today, and if you pre-ordered it, you most likely have the console with you already. Today, I received my Xbox One S Launch Edition, which I pre-ordered on day 1. The new Xbox One comes in Robot White, and it looks fantastic. As for the packaging, Microsoft has done a fantastic job as they usually do. The new Xbox One S controller comes in one tiny box and the Xbox One S is in the other portion of the package. It’s pretty simple but looks really good.


Now, let’s talk about the console itself. This is my first gaming console, and I am not really into gaming on consoles. However, when I first picked up the Xbox One S, it felt really good. This console is tiny — 40% smaller than the original Xbox One, to be exact. The One S can also stand vertically, which means it doesn’t really take up much space. The Launch Edition of the Xbox One S (the 2TB variant) comes with the vertical stand, but if you buy any of the cheaper variants, you will have to buy the stand separately for $20.

Additionally, the console includes an integrated power brick — which, once again, saves up space. The Xbox One S’ power button (the Xbox logo) can now be pushed in to turn on the console, which was something missing on the original Xbox One and a lot of users weren’t a big fan of that. In terms of the design and form factor, I personally think Microsoft has done a brilliant job with the One S.


The Xbox One S also comes with an improved Xbox One Wireless Controller. The new controller comes with bluetooth, which allows users to use the controller with their Windows 10 PC, too. The controller feels pretty great in hands and the controller sticks are pretty smooth to move around. I didn’t get much time to try out the controller yet, but we’ll provide a closer look at the controller as well as  the Xbox One S on our full review.

In the meantime, here are some images of the console:

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