Halo Wars 2’s latest live action trailers show some unconventional tactics

February 9, 2017

Halo Wars 2 comes out on February 21st – or February 17th if you bought the Ultimate Edition – and it’s time for some more trailers. The latest batch is a break from the regular serious story trailer which has been prevalent for the past few years; opting for two funny live action skits instead. These feature Atriox (the new leader of the Brutes) and James Cutter (the Spirit of Fire’s captain, who returns from the original Halo Wars) using some very unconventional tactics to get the edge over one another in some very strange situations.

The first one has Atriox as a used car salesman at Camacho Auto Sales – who actually lists him as an employee on their website – negotiating prices with Cutter. You can check it out below.

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The second one features the two fighting over an armrest on a flight.

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Both of the trailers are also stuffed with little nods to other games in the franchise, like Atriox owning a dartboard with an image of the Prophet of Regret on it. It’s nice to see a great sense of humor in advertising, and we hope that we see even more creative ads from Microsoft in the future.

You can pre-order Halo Wars 2 in the Windows Store here. Since it’s an Xbox Play Anywhere title, you’ll get it on both Windows 10 and the Xbox One if you buy it digitally. If you’d like to go with a physical copy, you can find the Xbox One version on Amazon by clicking here.

Do you like these trailers? Have you pre-ordered Halo Wars 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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