Microsoft’s upcoming reveal of Halo Infinite gameplay is bound to be exciting a lot more gamers than just me, but multiplayer fanatics may want to calm down a little. 

Despite the Halo Infinite gameplay reveal scheduled to take up a decent chunk of Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Series X games showcase, fans will only be treated to footage of the game’s single player component.

This news comes from a new community update from developer 343 Industries exploding what players can expect to see from the upcoming Halo Infinite gameplay reveal in two weeks time.

The description states the following: “We’re excited to share what the team’s been working on – the first look at Halo Infinite’s Campaign is coming on July 23!”

Not much else is known about the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase other than the appearance of Halo. While we fully expect to see the benefits of cross-gen updates like 4K 120Hz Gears 5 and more, Microsoft has been tight lipped on the other games they’ll be showing off.

For more Halo news, check out our full breakdown on the recent leaks. Be wary, there’s a lot of spoilers there.