Gears 5 Xbox Series X upgrade will deliver 120fps multiplayer



Microsoft’s Gears 5 Xbox Series X port will see a 120fps mode for its multiplayer component. 

Head of Xbox France Ina Gelbert confirmed that the next-gen Gears 5 Xbox Series X port will benefit from a host of upgrades that just wasn’t possible on Xbox One or even Xbox One X consoles, via Klobrille.

For starters, players will be greeted to a gorgeous graphical update that sees the game’s visual quality rise above that of the PC version’s Ultra settings. We’ve already seen a version of this running on Series X at 60fps throughout the game’s cinematic campaign — a port that was completed in just two weeks.

Check out the gameplay below:

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Most impressively, the Xbox Series X Optimised update for the AAA third-person shooter will be aiming for 120fps multiplayer on the next-gen system. Alongside the Series X version of Codemasters’ upcoming rally simulator Dirt 5, that’s two 120fps games confirmed for Microsoft’s upcoming games console.

Hopefully, with Microsoft’s upcoming first-party showcase for their next-gen lineup, we’ll see some other titles confirmed for high frame-rate options. Imagine Halo: The Master Chief Collection in full 4K separated from its chugging Xbox One X framerate.

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