GWX 2.0 – Microsoft getting ready to harass Windows 10 users to upgrade to latest release

Microsoft recently bragged about updating 250 million Windows 10 PCs to the April update in only a few weeks, making it the fastest roll-out of a Windows update in history.

Microsoft is however not satisfied with that and wants to make sure nearly everyone is on the latest version of the OS, and has released a new update for older versions of Windows 10 to prompt users to update to the latest release and to fix any issues which prevent those PCs from updating.

KB4056254 brings a new background process called “Windows 10 update facilitation service” which includes:

… includes files and resources to address issues affecting background update processes in the Windows Update servicing stack. Maintaining Window Update service health and performance helps ensure that quality updates are installed seamlessly on your device and help to improve the reliability and security of devices running Windows 10.

The device will produce a pop-up urging users to update and offer to fix any issues preventing it.

Of course, one reason a Windows 10 PC is unable to update is due to users intentionally sabotaging the Windows Update process using Powershell scripts for example. It seems if Microsoft has their way there will be no escape.