GroupMe squashes bugs for your iPhones and iPads


Do you use GroupMe on an iPhone? Microsoft’s latest updates for GroupMe – while adding support for gif search and document sharing, Microsoft inadvertently introduced some bugs into the app. In the today’s update to GroupMe, the Skype team focused on fixing a number of bugs with a heavily detailed list  including such glitches as missing chat input screens, stuck navigation bars and unreliable read receipts.

Aside from that, Microsoft also caught a bug which would restrict large emoticons from showing up in the chat windows, and another which stopped (…) button in the gallery from working.

Here’s the full list of squashed bugs.

  •  The navigation bar would get stuck in dark mode.
  •  The chat would sometimes scroll way up when a picture was opened.
  • Tapping a picture sometimes opened a different picture from the same chat.
  •  The chat input field would sometimes go missing.
  • A chat would sometimes not be marked as read.
  • For a direct message, the read receipt would not always be updated.
  •  Sometimes, tapping “…” in the Gallery would do nothing.
  •  The Cancel button in the chat search field sometimes disappeared.
  • The last message summary was not always displayed properly. It was difficult to swipe between pictures in the gallery.
  • Some large emoticons were not fully visible.

The version number is 5.6.2. and it is live now for iOS. You can download it from Apple’s App Store here.