Gooroovster Google Music streaming client for Windows Phone looking for beta testers

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Derek Beattie is looking for beta testers for his Google Music streaming client for Windows Phone 7.

The client has does not seem to pay much attention to the Metro ethos, but hopefully the developer can fix this before release to Marketplace.

The app features:

  • Sync your entire Google Music library to your phone for browsing and streaming.
  • Browse by artists, albums, songs, and playlists.
  • Option of streaming your entire song list or streaming by artist, author, and playlist.
  • Supports play, pause, stop, skip back, skip forward, and shuffle.
  • Refresh latest allows you to only refresh the most recent 500 tracks uploaded to Google Music.
  • Refresh playlist refreshes all of your play lists on Google Music.

Future features:

  • Creating playlists on the client and potentially syncing them up to GM.
  • Saving tracks to the phone for off line listening.

Much like SkyDrive, Google Music allows one to store one’s own music in the cloud, in Google Music’s case up to 20,000 tracks. It is unfortunately only open to US residents, something to bear in mind before requesting a beta invite.

If you’re interested in beta testing Gooroovster send your Windows Live ID email address to