Google’s Pixelbook might soon become Windows 10 certified

June 13, 2018

Earlier reports indicated that Google might soon let users run Windows on ChromeOS PCs like the Pixelbook with its AltOS program, and now another report provides support for that hypothesis.

Commits in Chromium codebase have confirmed that Google is testing the Pixelbook against the WHCK (Windows Hardware Certification Kit) and HLK (Windows Hardware Lab Kit).

Support for both indicates that the firm is taking support for Windows seriously, and plans to make sure that its device fully supports the operating system.

While ChromeOS currently supports Chrome apps, Android apps and Linux apps, by ex[anding compatibility to Windows, Google may hope to make its Pixelbook attractive to power users and developers who want to try out Google’s software with the safety net of Microsoft’s Windows  – just like Mac users and parallels or bootcamp.

We’ll learn more about this software as Google gets it ready for a [ublic release.

Source: XDA Developers

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