Google might let Chromebook users boot into Windows with AltOS


18, 2018

Google is working on a new feature of Chrome OS, named AltOS.

Is unclear what this feature is, but signs indicate that it may be a way for users to easily dual boot other OSes in Chromebooks. Users can already do so via Crouton (as far as Linux is concerned), but AltOS may be a way to make the process easier.

What’s more interesting are the supported OSes. Codes for fuschia, Google’s new OS is present, but what appears to be a reference to Microsoft’s Windows platform was also found in the code base.

“Evidence is pretty light for this, so we’re still at the speculative stage for what AltOS could mean. Perhaps this is to make it easier for the internal developers to boot into Fuschia; perhaps the reviewer comment means that this is for booting Windows natively.” speculated Redditor /u/ -nbsp- in the thread.

We might learn more about AltOS via Google’s l/O next month, or more likely, by intrepid redditors who dig this stuff

Via Reddit, Neowin.

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