Rumour: Google working on a HoloLens competitor

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Engadget reports that Google is working on an Augmented Reality headset similar to the Microsoft Hololens which would be fully untethered and would not need a phone or PC to operate.

The headset is said to “blur the line between virtual reality and augmented reality” featuring a (presumably large) screen but also “outward-facing cameras” and a Movidius chip to “track the motion of a user’s head.”

Google is said to have killed a more dedicated virtual reality headset, which is more focussed on gaming, and Engadget’s sources report that their Samsung Gear VR-type system, Daydream, “is not the company’s long-term plan for virtual and augmented reality.”

Google is an investor in Magic Leap, who’s much hyped Augmented Reality system is still to be shown in public.

If Google does step into the AR game they would be several months to years behind Microsoft’s efforts, but may win out due to stronger developer support and a willingness to subsidize their products and sell them for cheaper to consumers rather than enterprise.

In this arena, which company do our readers think will win out? Let us know below.

(image credit Gizmodo)