Google will automatically upgrade SD and HD movies to 4K on Google Play Movies & TV

Google today made a number of announcements related to its Google Play Movies & TV service. The biggest announcement is that Google will automatically upgrade your past SD or HD movie purchases to 4K for free. If a 4K version of the movie you purchased previously is available in Play Store, you can now enjoy it for free.

Google is also making it affordable to enjoy 4K movies. 4K movies will now cost you less on Play Movies & TV. Google is expanding the support for 4K movies to more devices. In addition to 4K Sony Bravia TVs, you can now watch in 4K using the Play Movies & TV app on most 4K Samsung Smart TVs, and Google is also working on adding support for LG as well. Finally, Google today announced the updated Play Movies & TV app for Samsung, LG and Vizio TVs with a modern look and feel to offer a better experience.