After receiving some negative feedback from the previous Android Pie’s gesture controls, Google have made some changes just in time for the second Android Q beta release.

A “back” gesture is in the works, which involves swiping from the left or right of the screen to reveal an arrow.  It’s present in Android Q beta 2 on the Google Pixel 2 XL, but it’s not fully functional just yet.

Enabling it requires these ADB commands:

adb shell settings put global prototype_enabled 1
adb shell settings put global quickstepcontroller_edge_width_sensitivity 48
adb reboot

The sensitivity of the gesture may be dependent on the screen resolution and density, so this is just an approximate value.

A gesture bar which is similar in appearance to the iPhone X’s can also be seen in the update.  Based on the colour of the background, the bar can change from light to dark.

This is the ADB command you have to send:

adb shell settings put global navbar_color_adapt_enable 1