Google starts rolling out ‘Rules’ automation feature for some Android 10 devices


23, 2019

Google is rolling out an unannounced Android 10 feature to select users today. Known as Rules, this feature brings a measure of IFTT (if this, then that) style automation to Android devices.

In effect, it lets the phone automatically change settings by itself depending on things like location or time. Users can change their phone ringer to silent or vibrate if they reach a certain location or connect to a designated WiFi network, for example.

Rules appear to be rolling out only to Pixel users for now. It’s not a widespread release just yet, but Google is likely to make a blog post announcing it when it does go live.

Android 10 rolled out to select devices last month and has included user-requested features like dark mode, focus mode and more.

Via: XDA Developers, Reddit

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