Google reportedly working on a native one-handed mode for Android 12

by Surur
February 15, 2021

XDA-Developers have learned that Google is working on a native one-handed mode for Android 12 Snow Cone, which will be submitted to the AOSP.

The feature, which helps users reach the far ends of a user interface with one hand when the screen would otherwise be too large or tall, has already been widely implemented to the major Android OEMs, but a native Android version would allow smaller companies to implement the usability feature also.

It is not clear the present what Google’s AOSP version will look like, but it is expected to be similar to their own implementation, which shrinks the screen 40% to the one corner of the device. It will likely be activated by a gesture, such as swiping across the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Google has reportedly taken its time implementing the feature because they wanted to do it right, with full support for all Android configurations.  This does also mean that if Google is not able to finish the work in time for Android 12 Snow Cone the feature may end up slipping to Android 13.

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