Google Play Music client GMusic becomes a universal Windows 10 app


25, 2016

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Google may not be interested in desktop clients for their apps or Windows phone apps, but that hasn’t stopped enterprising third-party developers from putting together bevy of universal apps for Windows users3.

GMusic is a third-party Windows app for Google Play Music that started life in the WP8/W8 era of Windows as two separate apps. Now, the developers of the app have updated it to a universal Windows app that runs the same binary on both PC and Mobile and its pretty smooth.

I don’t have a Google Play Subscription at the moment, with Groove as my primary music service followed by Apple Music, but you can upload your music to Google Drive if you’re in Google’s ecosystem and then play your music through the app.

GMusic is a bit pricy at $6.99 (now $4.99 for a week) in the Windows Store (though I guess we can credit that to the difficulty of creating and maintaining a Google app for Windows phone), and you can snag it from the source link below.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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