Google now lets you know if it can’t find any great matches for your search



Sometimes when you do a Google search for something, the results will be unrelated to what you were looking for. This might be due to different reasons. You might have entered wrong spelling or there is no content on the web related to the search you did. Google avoids such cases by suggesting correct spelling of search terms and by understanding the search term to display related results. In some cases, even though Google is not confident with the search results, it will just display them to the users.

To better inform the users in the above-described cases, Google will now display a new message that lets users know when Google hasn’t been able to find anything that matches their search particularly well. When possible, the feature will also provide some alternative searches as well as information on how to change their query to better find the information through Google.

This feature shouldn’t show up too often– after all, there’s usually something helpful we can find! But when it does, we hope it helps save you some time and gets you to the information you wanted more quickly.

Source: Google

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