Google is launching the next Pixels on October 9

While there has been a lot of news about the iPhone’s upcoming launch, a smaller story flew under the radar. Google is reportedly introducing its Pixel smartphones in the next two months.

“Alphabet Inc.’s Google also plans to debut new Pixel phones on Oct. 9 at a media event in New York City,” Gurman said for Bloomberg today.

The firm’s newest devices have been completely leaked, with tech readers getting a look at every aspect of the device from renders to actual production hardware due to a theft that occurred last month. This differs from Apple in that while reports of the iPhones have surfaced, we’ve yet to see actual production hardware in the wild to this extent. With the Pixels, enough has been shown that users have already formed opinions about it, costing Google the chance to introduce the Pixel on its own terms, set a narrative and explain its contentious design decisions.

With the Pixel 3 all but exposed, one wonders if Google might not be better served to release the device sooner at a smaller event rather than a full-fledged launch later in the year. We’ll see what the firm decides to do by October 9, and how it plans to present the Pixel 3 to the world in a new controlled environment.

Source: Bloomberg