Google is about to make it easier to save the world from your browser


25, 2020

Google has just updated its list of default search engines in the Canary version of its browser, and in the process has made it easier to help save the world from the comfort of your browser.

Google has added the search engine Ecosia to its list of potential default search engines, which currently only includes Bing, Duck Duck Go and Yahoo.

Ecosia, which is powered by a Bing backend, uses revenue generated by search engine ads to fund the planting of trees, and have already paid for more than 60 million trees to be planted.

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The default search engine list change is currently in Chrome and Edge Canary, but should soon roll out to the regular browser.

Once it does, to change your default search engine and help plant trees, go to Menu > Settings > Search Engines and select Ecosia.

Via Techdows

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