Google Go lightweight search app now available for all Android users


20, 2019

Google Go is a lightweight search app that has been available in developing countries where mobile data is slow and expensive. Google today announced that Google Go search app is now available for all Android users worldwide. Google Go uses less storage and memory on your phone and works reliably even on a poor connection. Google Go also comes with Google Lens feature which allows you to just point your camera to translate or search.

At just over 7MB, Google Go helps make sure your phone stays speedy when you’re traversing the web. It also puts web versions of your favorite apps at your fingertips, giving you the option of downloading fewer apps on your phone. And if you lose connectivity when you using Google Go, it will remember your place and even retrieve your search results for you once you’re back online.

You can download Google Go app here from Play Store.

Source: Google

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