Google finally announces the Pixel Watch

May 12, 2022
Google Pixel Watch

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After a number of leaks and rumors, Google has finally announced the Pixel Watch, but disappointingly they didn’t tell us all too much about it. 

Announced during last night’s IO keynote, Google’s competitor to the Apple Watch, the Pixel Watch, is finally officially real, however, we still don’t know all too much about it beyond the fact that it looks very snazzy.

Featuring a circular watch face, a protruding rotating crown, and a few buttons adorning the side, Google’s Pixel Watch is everything that we expected to see thanks to the past leaks and rumors. This sleek watch face is only let down by the sporty bands that’ll keep it attached to your wrist, as they seriously compromise the otherwise expensive look of the device. 

Alongside the official name and look of their smartwatch, Google also announced during their keynote that the Pixel Watch will feature technology from Fitbit, which Google acquired last year

As a first for a Wear OS device, this collaboration with Fitbit will allow the Pixel Watch to offer plenty of health and fitness features such as health and sleep tracking, active zone minutes, and personal fitness goals. 

As you might expect, the Pixel Watch will also include plenty of Google-owned apps and features such as Maps, Assistant, and home. The Pixel Watch will also allow for contactless payments through the new Wallet app, which was also announced during the keynote. 

Unfortunately, beyond a brief glimpse at what the Pixel Watch will be able to do, Google was rather coy in providing any details, so there’s no official word on how big the battery will be, what chipset the device has, how much it costs, or when it will launch beyond a vague window of “Fall”.

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