Google explains why its Chrome Web Store displayed its annoying secure extensions warning for Microsoft Edge


9, 2020

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We reported three weeks ago that Google’s Chrome Web Store was displaying a warning to Edge users (and only Edge users) telling them it was unsafe to use Edge if they tried to install a Chrome extension, and suggested they switch to Chrome.

You should not use Microsoft Edge if you want to use extensions securely, according to Google 1

A few days ago, after a bit of an uproar, Google reversed its stance, and the warning disappeared.

Now Google has posted an explanation of their actions, telling  BleepingComputer that they are displaying this alert because Microsoft Edge does not support Google’s Safe Browsing Feature to protect users from malicious extensions.

Microsoft, of course, uses its own Smart Screen technology and insists that it protects Edge users perfectly well. 

The removal of the warning message is confirmatory to the fact that Edge users can use Chrome extensions securely.

We, however, do not think this will be the last scuffle the two companies have as Microsoft continues to struggle for browser relevance again.

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