Google Duplex for Web can book your entire holiday for you


7, 2019

Author Atiya // in AI, Google

2013 movie Her has just come a bit closer to reality when Google demonstrated a working software agent which will act intelligently on your behalf.

Earlier this year, Autofill Assistant was demonstrated in the Chromium repository.  Recently, at the Google I/O conference, it was announced that Google Duplex will soon perform web-based tasks as well as existing voice services.

The software will check your availability and with a very convincing “human voice”, make your bookings for you.  It does this by checking your calendar and Gmail account.  This will certainly make life a little easier for those of us who dread making phone calls, or can’t communicate via voice.

If you’re going on holiday, Duplex for web can even research dates and times for flights for you.  After checking your availability, Duplex can open the National Car Rental website in Google Chrome, and assist you in the process of booking a car.  The software will then book your favourite car with your preferred payment method, using your previous history as a reference.

With the recent breakthroughs in AI technology, it’s now a competition between Google’s Duplex, Amazon’s Echo, Microsoft’s Cortana to be the prevailing conversational engine.

See a demo below:

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