Google Chrome is going to make it easier to change your leaked password



The password manager in Google Chrome already includes a password check-up feature, which will let you know if the password you are using has leaked onto the internet. This happens commonly when websites get hacked and millions of passwords are exposed.

Now Google is working on a standard way to help you change your leaked password.

The feature uses a URL scheme called Well Known Change Password where most websites would have a redirect in place using the pathway to direct you to their Change Password page e.g.

  • WordPress []
  • Twitter []

Now, if Google detects that your password has been hacked, merely clicking on a button would take you to the right place to update it, removing some friction from the process.

If a website does not support the feature Google will direct you to its home page instead.

The feature is currently behind a flag in Chrome 86, which is being released in October 2020.

The feature is standard-based, is already available in Safari, and should be coming to all Chromium-based browsers in short order.

via TechTSP

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