Google Assistant to send reminders to your family and friends

by Rahul
August 15, 2019

Google Assistant will soon be able to create and send reminders to other users. You’ll be able able to create reminders with text or voice by using the “Hey Google” prompt. Google will also let you schedule these reminders for any time you want, or you can ask Google to send them when the receiver is at a certain location.

In order for the entire process to work smoothly, you’ll have to create a family group online at, in which all the people you want to send reminders to should be a part of. And most importantly, the person that you want to send reminders to will have to be in your Google Contact list. Any member of the group will then be able to send reminders to other members.

Smart speaker and displays that have Google Assistant built-in can also take advantage of the feature. Users will also be able to send reminders using the speaker or display, provided that their voice is linked to the device.

If you have children of 13 years of age or below, you will have to create a privacy-compliant account through the company’s Family Link platform. This will be the only way to let your children access reminders that you send them.

The feature will start rolling out from the next month in the US, UK, and Australia, and other English-speaking regions.

via: TheVerge

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