Gmail now supports iOS’ Focus mode

April 19, 2022

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Google has announced that Gmail and Google Chat both now support iOS’ Focus mode, saving you from out of hours chat notifications and emails. 

In a new blog post, Google has detailed an update coming to Gmail and Google Chat that allows you to specify which contacts if any, you want to still receive notifications from while using iOS’ distraction mitigating Focus mode. 

According to Google, this feature will be “useful in situations where you need to limit screen time, but don’t want to miss an important message when other notifications are silenced.” While this is certainly one effective use case, we’re more tempted by the possibility of using it to escape from work emails outside of working hours from time to time. 

Similarly to Android’s and Windows 11’ Focus mode, which is steadily making its way out of preview and developer builds, iOS’ Focus mode allows you to limit the notification you receive from all but select contacts or apps, giving you a chunk of time without distractions to focus on your work or whatever task you have at hand. 

According to Google, this update will be rolling out to Gmail users over the next few weeks, so hopefully, the wait won’t be too long until you have this feature in your hands to enjoy if it’s not available to you already. 

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