GitHub Classroom extension now available for Visual Studio Code

GitHub Classroom

You can preconfigure a supported integrated development environment (IDE) for assignments you create in GitHub Classroom. Microsoft recently released GitHub Classroom extension for Visual Studio Code. With this availability, you can now enable Visual Studio Code as a preferred editor for all Assignments in GitHub Classroom. Once enabled, when students click “Open in VS Code” badge, it will open the assignment in Visual Studio Code with the new GitHub Classroom extension auto-installed.

  • The GitHub Classroom extension allows you to browse your classroom assignments, and begin working on them in a single-click.
  • You can open assignments, sync your progress back to GitHub, and see auto-grading test results, directly within Visual Studio Code.
  • When working on a group assignment, you can view the other students in your group, and collaboratively edit and debug together in real-time.
  • Additionally, you can view and reply to feedback that your teacher/TA has left, without having to ever leave your edito

You can download the GitHub Classroom extension here from Visual Studio Marketplace.