Get Great Deals On Game Titles From Disney & Star Wars From Their End Of Summer Sale

Disney Sale

You can now save up to 50 percent off seven Disney titles, including “Temple Run: OZ” and “Where’s My Perry?” for 99 cents each until Sept. 13.

The sale also provides in-app purchase discounts. Find the list below.

  • A bag of crystals ($4.99, usually $9.99) or a satchel of them ($9.99, usually $19.99) for “Star Wars: Commander
  • Coin packs ($1.99 or $9.99, usually as high as $19.99) for “Dodo Pop
  • Large pack of butterflies ($1.99, usually $4.99) or an extra-large pack of butterflies ($4.99, usually $9.99) for “Cinderella Free Fall
  • A pile of potions ($1.99, usually $4.99) and a DemiJohn, a narrow necked bottle for holding liquid ($4.99, usually $9.99) for “Maleficent Free Fall
  • Extra-large pack of power-ups for “Frozen Free Fall” for $1.99 (usually $4.99), or a large pack of ice picks for the game (99 cents, usually $3.99).

Find the full collection here.