Game Review: Zombie Attack! 2

Zombie Attack! 2 is a unique tower defense game where you actually control a character who sets up weapons and attacks the zombies himself!

Overall Score: 4/5Zombie Attack! 2

This game gets extra points for simply having zombies in it! Just kidding. It is fun, and it has an insane amount of gameplay, but it just isn’t as tough and interesting as other Tower Defense games.

Gameplay: 3/5

While the game is pretty fun, other tower defense games like Bye Bye Brain or Star Wars Battle For Hoth have a better mix of enemies and faster paced action. Also, in the other games, you can use your weapons to block and guide the enemies through a certain path which makes the gameplay a lot more interesting; however in Zombie Attack, the zombies walk right through your turrets and move wherever they want. You do have a little control of their movement if you set up the dummies which makes the zombies stop, but otherwise there’s not much control. Also, the pacing of the game seems far too slow. Until you reach level 40 or higher (about 30 minutes into a game), the enemies are usually extremely easy to kill and provide barely any challenge. However, there’s some nice variety in the type of enemies (flying enemies, larger and tougher enemies, etc) and satisfying variety of weapons and upgrades (flamethrowers, machine guns, etc). And the fact that you have to move your own character around the map to set up new turrets or upgrade current ones adds a new element to the classic tower defense games. But in the end, the gameplay is only mediocre.

Presentation: 4/5

The visuals are good, but not great. The zombies are slightly pixelated, but otherwise the visuals work well. Blood splatters and flying severed arms are a great touch. The sound effects are useful (especially the siren which tells you that your base is being attacked), but the constant firing of your turrets can become repetitive.

Lasting Value: 5/5

The game essentially has unlimited lasting value, since you try to survive as long as possible in each map and in each mode. If you manage to get to level 45 on each map and in each challenge, then you’ll be looking at over 13 hours of gameplay! And that’s only if you play through each level ONCE!

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Title: Zombie Attack! 2
Price: $2.99
Publisher: Microsoft Game Stuidos

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