Game Review: Bye Bye Brain


19, 2011

Bye Bye Brain is a tower defense game where you defend your base from hordes of dangerous zombies! They even have a Lite version which was released 5 days ago and is free!

Overall Score: 4/5Bye Bye Brain

Bye Bye Brain has incredible graphics and good gameplay. The only disappointment is that the lasting value is limited. The Bye Bye Brain Lite version is almost identical to the full version, but the full version lasts a bit longer. However, the Lite version doesn’t have any ads, so it is a great choice that is basically as good as the full version.

Gameplay: 4/5

This tower defense game has some good variation of enemies, a nice arsenal of weapons, and snappy controls. However, there is only one level, so the variation in gameplay can be limited. However, by adding your humans to attack the zombies, you can create a path of your own and force them to follow it. The balance between receiving money for killing zombies and the cost of adding more humans to defend is just right. There are different difficulties and two different gameplay modes (Normal and Endless). The gameplay comes close to being perfect, but since it only has one level of scenery, it comes up short.

Presentation: 5/5

The sounds and visuals are superb, and are what separates this game from other tower defense games. The 3D world comes to life with great depth and awesome camera angles, letting you zoom in and get right into the action. The music that plays in the background completely fits the game, and the sound effects are nice. Also, the video that introduces you to the story was really well made, showing how much effort the developer put into this game.

Lasting Value: 3/5

Since there is really only one level in the game, all your lasting value comes from trying to reduce numerous hordes of zombies and getting a high score. You can play with different difficulties and play the Endless mode instead of Normal, but the game simply doesn’t have many elements to keep you playing for a long time compared to other titles.

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Title: Bye Bye Brain and Bye Bye Brain Lite
Price: $1.99 and FREE
Publisher: Plain Concepts Game Studio

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