Gallery: Windows 10 Build 10166 Screenshots


Earlier this evening, Microsoft released Windows 10 Build 10166 to Insiders.  As you may expect, there aren’t a handful of things new on this build. As Microsoft is getting closer to the Windows 10 release date, the upcoming builds will include less new features and more bug fixes and performance improvements. However, it’s worth noting that this build introduces Groove Music branding for the official music app on Windows 10 and Microsoft Wi-Fi which is only available for users in Seatle. Other than that, there isn’t anything else new on this build.

For those wondering, performance-wise, this build is really good. If you can’t wait until July 29th and decide to install 10166, you’ll hardly see any major issues. Overall, this build is looking pretty nice and I personally really like it. Nonetheless, here are a bunch of screenshots for the latest Windows 10 build: