Fortnite runs at 1728p resolution on Xbox One X compared to 1080p on PlayStation 4 Pro

With a new patch that released today, Fortnite becomes another Xbox One X enhanced game. Those deciding to play it on Microsoft’s console will notice a large resolution improvement over its counterpart on PlayStation 4 Pro. The Xbox One X is of course more powerful, but it appears that Epic didn’t bump the resolution at all on the Pro, not even aiming for 1440p like many titles do on Sony’s system.

In a statement to Windows Central, the PR team at Epic Games said that the PlayStation 4 Pro version of Fortnite still runs at 1080p with added effects while the Xbox One X version renders at 80% of 4K (3072 by 1728 pixels). This image on Xbox One X is then upsampled to 4K through a high-quality software upsampler. The HUD itself renders at 4K.

Because of the Xbox One X’s supersampling ability, even those playing on a 1080p screen should see a sharper image compared to that of the PlayStation 4 Pro. It’s a bit surprising that Epic didn’t opt for a higher resolution on both systems and instead only gave Fortnite on Xbox One X the bigger boost.

The update for Fortnite today also added smoke grenades, a new leaderboard, new weapons, and some general bug fixes. Just make sure you don’t use any cheats while playing, because the company is cracking down on cheaters pretty heavily.