For Developers: Mandreel–new tool for porting iOS and Android apps to Windows Phone 7


Mandreel is a new tool developed by Onan Games which allows C/C++/Obj-C source code to be automatically converted to JS/C#/AS, allowing developers to port games and applications conversions from platforms like iOS or Android easily to Windows Phone 7.

Mandreel works like a standard compiler. For projects or libraries you want to reuse, makefiles are created and through the make progress you convert the original input files(.c, into C# files or js files.

In order to use those generated C# files, it’s enough to create the desired project on Microsoft Visual  Studio (for  example a XNA project  for  Windows Phone 7)  and add those files to the project.

Developers who used the tool noted they were able to convert third party iPhone videogames ports to Windows Phone 7 in less than two weeks.

Read more about the technology at here.